Is Melamine Dinnerware Safe For Your Family?

Is Melamine Dinnerware Safe?

Despite the benefits and popularity, safety issues concerning melamine dinnerware have been brought up by many experts and consumers. Some of them talked about the benefits of using melamine dinnerware sets, while the others talked about the major health issues that are caused by the product and chemicals within melamine.

What is Melamine?

Melamine is an organic chemical compound which was first invented in the 1930’s by a scientist from Germany. It’s most popular use today is for ceramic dinnerware.

With the recent popularity of melamine dinnerware, long gone are the plain and boring dishes which were associated with cafeteria food or outdoor functions. Now you can find the attractive dinnerware  in many patterns including checkered, or even tasteful flower designs! They are extremely popular because they are affordable, durable, and have many options when it comes to designs and patterns. Melamine Dinnerware is the best choice for those who don’t want to worry about the upkeep of fine dishes, or have large families and children.

Is Melamine Dinnerware Safe

Melamine Dinnerware is getting more and more popular because of its light weight design, brilliant colors and decorative patterns which are very appealing for home and family settings.

For their various user-friendly features and benefits, melamine dishes and plates are commonly used in households, as well as public eateries. Some of the best features that are contributed to the increased popularity and high demand of melamine dinnerware include, its durability, and a huge collections of designs and patterns in which these are available. Melamine products are also extremely durable and can be used in households, as well as public places on a regular basis. It’s lightweight compact design is another feature that keeps it a great buy!

Another great reason why melamine dinnerware products are so popular is due to their price, they are much cheaper and affordable. Anyone on any budget can afford a nice dinnerware set, and is a great alternative to other expensive dishes and

Is Melamine Dinnerware Safe

plate sets. The fact that they are an Eco-friendly product, and can withstand heat up to 200 °F is among the many other reasons why they are so popular in today’s time.

These dishes and dinnerware have a long lasting life, and come in many bright attractive colorful patterns. Melamine Dinnerware is sturdy enough to with stand the normal day wear and tear, especially if you have kids. This is great because it keeps your dishes looking beautiful for when you have guests over for dinner. Many cafes, bars and other popular eateries are using melamine patterned dishes as standard replacement for stainless steel, plastic, and even ceramic plates because of how easy they are to clean and keep nice. The light weight of the product, also makes it so that staff and workers are able to move about dishes and orders of food effortlessly without the weight of heavier plates burdening them.

The Benefits of Melamine Dinnerware:

There are many benefits to using Melamine dishes and plates over other types. Melamine is well known for its durability. They will stand the test of time with proper care and use.

Color patterns : Who doesn’t love beautiful colors? Melamine Dinnerware comes with a great color patterns. You can find your favorite colors and patterns at most major stores and retailers, if you want to look at more a simple search on the internet will unlock thousands of other designs, most of which you can order without even leaving the house!

Style:  These dinnerware sets are perfect for setting a causal, relaxed, atmosphere for your guests in your home. Or at your restaurant, or place of business. Melamine Dinnerware sets usually comes with may options for colors and textures. It is easy to find something that will fit and match the look and beauty of your dining table, living room or restaurant!

Affordability: The cost is what separates these plates from the rest. They not only look fantastic but are easy on the wallet. You can no longer worry about replacing expensive dishes if something breaks, or worry about not being able to afford the right dinnerware set you need because of the cost. If you own a restaurant or food service business, you can save money by investing in melamine dinnerware products because of how affordable and easy to replace they are!

So, Is Melamine Dinnerware Safe?

It is very important to understand that melamine is ‘not toxic’. However, It is dangerous when it is mixed with food and gets ingested, it can cause several health injures, including many kind of kidney problems and even cancers. Recently performed tests and surveys on the melamine plates proved that when generally hot and watery foods are served on melamine, toxic chemicals like urea, formaldehyde, ox-aids are released a little bit . These harmful chemicals may also be the main reasons behind the cases of kidney stones renal failure, cancers that are reported by the people and the experts. Regularly who are using the melamine appliances including the Melamine Dinner ware . The main reason behind that is because of poor production quality and the damaged chemicals of melamine dinner sets. If you really want to learn how to use Melamine Dinnerware safely, then it is necessary to keep your dinner sets away from heat and hot water. It is also important to buy such dinnerware which are only from approved brands that are safe for health and made with high production quality.

There are many health organizations over the world those also claim that melamine dinnerware’s are not safe to be used on a regular basis. According to the FDA, melamine can be get mixed with the food that we are eating if the foods are acidic and too much hot. So, there is question is melamine dinnerware really safe in microwave? Well, no, is not. Since melamine is not resistant to heat, it can be warped or cracked with the hot conditions of the microwave ovens. Scientists have noticed melamine can be harmful if it is swallowed, absorbed or inhaled. It can also cause serious damage to our various organs like the eyes, skin, as well as respiratory system, and reproductive system too. According to most of the claims, one should not use this dinnerware for children, unless it is from manufactured by a certified and trusted brand. There are some few brands of melamine dinner sets which are now approved by the USFDA as well as NSF (National Science Foundation). It is now safe to use those products that have such approval by the health organizations. So, if you want to use the melamine dinnerware sets and kitchen appliances which is made of melamine, use the ones that are manufactured by the brands which are approved by these kind of health organizations.

Without this serious safety issues, there are lot of issues that make you doubtful about melamine products. One of the major issue is about melamine products and their quality. Melamine dinnerware or other melamine products might be durable, but can still be scratched and tarnished. Melamine resin is not safe from the scratches that are often made on the surface of the dinner sets. These dishes and plates are also not stain resistant. If they get stained, it is really hard to clean them. There is also another issue’s which are now a days is considered as a drawback of these products. This occurs with the rough handling of the dinner sets and other melamine appliances. Old dinnerware model’s also has the similar problem of this kind of chipping and staining. Damaged melamine dinnerware expose/lost their basic components or chemicals like formaldehyde, and hence, are not so much safe to be used for serving food. You should replace them by new Melamine dinnerware.

In conclusion, It’s best to stay with higher quality brands of Melamine Dinnerware and to keep away from the cheaper off brands or second hand plates and dishes. To ensure safety for you and your family be sure to not use any damaged plates and remember to not heat them up in the microwave or expose them to high temperatures, where that be hot water or stove/oven baking.