Is Melamine Dinnerware Microwave Safe?

Is Melamine Dinnerware Microwave Safe For Your Family?

Most people who wish to save their precious China from being damage opt to choose buying Melamine dinnerware for everyday use. What most people like about Melamine dinnerware is that it comes in trendy designs with vibrant colors that they found attractive. Another factor that makes melamine dinnerware sell-able is that it is not heavy although it looks that way and that it is so easy to clean and store.

Melamine dishes are usually sold out because it is practical to use especially when you have children in the house. Most people spend a lot of money when their dishes are dropped and broken accidentally by these lovable kids. This is the reason why they would rather purchase something that looks more attractive than plastic but does not break as easily as glass.

Some people who are fond of camping or taking family weekends on their RVs love using Melamine dinnerware. This dinnerware is practical and so easy to stack up and pack. Melamine dinnerware is free from BPA or Bisphenol A. BPA is primarily used to manufacture plastics and its by-products. This substance can affect your child’s health and as previously mentioned thankfully dinnerware made out of Melamine does not contain this.

Melamine Dinnerware Microwave Safe
Avoiding using Melamine dinnerware in your microwave can not only save your dishes from damage but keep you and your family safe.

Why Is Melamine Not Microwave Safe?

Now here is an interesting thing about Melamine dinnerware, if you are asking if Melamine is safe for the microwave, honestly speaking it is not as safe to use in the microwave as it is with other home appliances. You might be curious why this is so. Even if Melamine is made to withstand high heat it will absorb the heat and radiation. Now what makes this dangerous?

If Melamine absorbs that amount of heat, its basic structure will emit unseen bubbling effect that will break down its materials into something that must not be ingested by any person or living thing. Researchers have found out later on that Melamine is harmful when inhaled, swallowed and absorbed by the skin. Melamine when it enters the body will form crystals that can block the kidney function thus causing it to break down.

Is Melamine Dinnerware Dishwasher Safe?

Melamine is safe to use in the dishwasher as long as it is not heavily damage. The only solution for those pieces of Melamine dinnerware that are scratched is to wash them gently by hand. Seeing a severely damage piece of Melamine dinnerware can only mean that it is time to throw it away.

Melamine Dinnerware Microwave SafeAvoid damaging your dinnerware by not using them in the dishwasher and microwave.

Why Do We Continue To Use Melamine Dinnerware?

In the past microwave ovens was not yet a part of our kitchen. Melamine dinnerware back then was use for serving dishes. It adds a certain “touch” that you can never see in an ordinary plastic plate. The only thing that Melamine dinnerware can be at par with is real China and the latter does not come cheap. Some stories do tend to exaggerate about things until it becomes a sort of urban legend. This is the same thing about Melamine dinnerware. It begun as a topic about dishes then the scare has now evolved into directly adding this substance to the food; milk in particular.

Finally, knowing all of the good and not so good stuff about Melamine dinnerware there is no need to throw your Melamine dinnerware set in the garbage. Melamine dinnerware will not be continually sold if they would expose people into real danger. The FDA has made their assessment that Melamine is safe enough to use. However the risks can only be for infants who are susceptible to the effects of environmental or physical changes. These are but reminders of what you can and what you cannot do with Melamine dinnerware. The rule of thumb is that Melamine is safe when not heated in the microwave oven.