Outdoor Dinnerware Melamine

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 In the 1950s and 1960s Melamine plates were famous as kitchen utensils and plates. It was during this period that ceramics took a backseat and give Melamine Dinnerware its spot in the limelight as an expressive form of modern design and style in the dining table and in the kitchen. It became so popular that housewives were clamoring to purchase these dinnerware sets to display their outdoor dinnerware Melamine set during parties and special occasions. You can say that purchasing Melamine plates elevates your status quo.

After dominating the market, people found out that Melamine plates and cups tend to scratch and stain easily. Another factor that contributed to its decline is that Melamine dinnerware was not microwave safe. As a result sales dropped and the once much- sought-after Melamine dishes was now something that people are no longer interested in buying and owning.

What is Melamine Dinnerware?

To solve the puzzling news about the ill-effects of using Melamine dinnerware it would be wise to get to know the materials use in manufacturing this outdoor dinnerware Melamine dishes. Melamine is a combination of formaldehyde and an organic compound. This material creates Melamine resin which is both fire resistant and can tolerate heat. The sad news is that if before Melamine was thought to be safe and practical to use in manufacturing dinnerware it is now said to contaminate food that are served on these set of dishes.

Outdoor Dinnerware Melamine

There are many great styles and designs that will look great for your next outdoor event!

Does Outdoor Melamine Tableware Look Great?

Whether you are serving guests outside of the patio in summer or you are having a barbecue with guests during the weekends, outdoor Melamine tableware would still manage to look great. What makes Melamine dishes still worth purchasing after all of the negative hype about these dishes is that it is sturdy, sold in solid colors and has simple designs that can look awesome.

Outdoor Melamine Tableware looks better than real ceramics. It does not have that plastic like surface and is cheaper than buying real “China” dishes. What is surprising about Melamine dinnerware is that it does not look heavy even if it appears that way. Some people say that it is advisable to place used melamine plates on the upper rack of dish washing racks but it seems that those who tried them out can vouch that these Melamine will not easily break even if you place them in the bottom rack of the dishwasher.

Outdoor Dinnerware Melamine

Not only do these dishes look great, but they are available most everywhere online, or locally!

Will Melamine Summer Dinnerware Sets Look Good Despite of the Heat?

Remember that Melamine can withstand the high temperatures. Unlike the other types of ceramic products out in the market Melamine will not burn your fingers when left under the sun. Melamine summer dinnerware sets carry eclectic designs with a wide range of fresh colors. These dinnerware sets can add a touch of style to whatever informal summer gatherings you can think of. If you are thinking about jazzing up your tables for the summer having Melamine summer dinnerware will make a plain looking dinner table look fantastic. This will not require the help of an interior designer.

If you are planning of purchasing a new set of Melamine to add to your summer collection you need to narrow down your choices. What type of theme do you have in mind? Are you going for a fruity citrus feel or is it a floral theme to welcome the summer? You can also mix and match your Melamine dinnerware. Guests would definitely applaud your efforts of transforming a summer outdoor barbecue party like a work of art. They will not notice that it was not a big deal gathering all of this outdoor dinnerware sets Melamine and heaping them on your porch table.