How To Print Melamine Dinnerware

Can I Print Melamine Dinnerware and Is It Safe?

Melamine dinnerware is quickly making a comeback in the public scene and the vibrant patterns and colors that can be used in combination with the product, is making it a huge hit among consumers. Families, consumers, and shoppers are finding the Melamine dinnerware a popular hit with their families and in their homes, as the lightweight dinnerware along with the ability to print patterns on the dinnerware is a huge plus among other forms of dinnerware on the market.

How can you print melamine dinnerware?

Actually, yes you can and the process to printing patterns on Melamine dinnerware is actually a very simple process for consumers and is a three-step process. The first process involves preparing the surface for the desired pattern. Consumers can take a previously pressed and polished plate and coat it with a thin layer of uncured liquid Melamine, and that allows for the first step of the pattern process. The next step involves the image transfer process. With this second step, a thin film that includes the image is placed upon the wet Melamine plate and that allows the pattern to be absorbed onto the plate. It is important though, to leave around 5% overhang on the plate, as some shrinkage can occur during this second step. Occasionally, a paper transfer reverse of the image can be used to imprint the pattern on the Melamine plate, that depending on the manufacturer and process involved in the product. Thirdly, another thin coast of a cool liquid Melamine is painted or sprayed on top of the image and plate, allowing to lock the pattern and image into place. Lastly, the curing process takes place during the printing of the pattern on the Melamine plate. The plate moves into an oven, that is generally 200-300 degrees and under the heat the Melamine bonds with the plate and encases the image between the multiple layers of the Melamine product.

Print Melamine Dinnerware

You can with these simple steps print your own beautiful and elegant patterns and designs on your own melamine dishes!

For those not knowing much about Melamine, the Melamine product and dinnerware has been around in the public since the 1950′s. The lightweight product and the durability of the product made it extremely popular with consumers. The Melamine dinnerware could be used all throughout the home, outdoors, and anywhere that dining occurs. Families of any size could use the Melamine dinnerware and there would be no risk of breaking the dishes or have any problems with any breakage in the house. In addition, families and owners of the Melamine dinnerware found the bright patterns and images that were printed on the Melamine dinnerware were vibrant and powerful, and those same patterns could not be done on any other type of dinnerware on the market in the time.

However, it is important to note that Melamine dinnerware does have its dangers and was pulled off the market through the years. Consumers and the FDA sound that the Melamine resin posed a risk to consumers and it was thus pulled off the market. Extensive testing of the Melamine dinnerware has been done though over the past years, and the risks and dangers of using Melamine dinnerware has been ruled as minimal. The major dangers of using Melamine dinnerware involve serving infants off the dinnerware and the possible risks of heating products on the Melamine dinnerware. The FDA ruled that consumers can use the dinnerware to eat off of, but should probably not use acidic foods on the product, as the acids could increase the possible dangers of the product. For 99% of the public though, the risks of using Melamine dinnerware in their lives are minimal to non-existent. There has been a lot of worldwide testing of the Melamine product in various stages, and consumers are able to once again use Melamine dinnerware in their homes and their dining needs.

For consumers and families to print their own patterns on Melamine dinnerware, there has never been a greater time to reintroduce Melamine dinnerware in their kitchens. It’s a relatively simple process to print patterns, and the safety concerns of the product reduced for all diners of the product. For artistic diners and families, the possibility of artistic patterns can be endless with Melamine dinnerware.